The OMM (Original Mountain Marathon) community has its roots in fell running and orienteering. The British tradition of fell running grew out of hill farmers running to find their flocks, and this developed into races between different shepherds. It has been a popular past time for hundreds of years.  The OMM took this heritage and formed it into a longer two day event where you had to be both fit and technically proficient on the hill.  You therefore needed the right knowledge, a strong pair of legs, and the right kit.


OMM began life in 1968 as the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon.  This was the first ever event of its type and quickly grew.  In 2006 it changed to the Original Mountain Marathon (OMM).  The current owners took control in 2009 and have grown it substantially.  The 50th event will be run in 2018.

The OMM products are made for the event.  The event itself is hugely taxing and has a global reputation for being one of the toughest in the world.  The products have to be made to be the best for this task, and are therefore exceptionally strong and functional whilst being incredibly light.  OMM is fortunate to be a small niche company therefore we make what we want to and focus on producing products which are innovative and interesting.

OMM is a UK company that has its headquarters in Lancaster, Lancashire.