Evan Howard started Terra Rosa Gear officially in August of 2010, but had been doing projects for himself and his friends for a long time prior. Evan started Terra Rosa after needing a tarp for his hammock, and instead of just buying one from the store, decided to "have a go" at making one himself! At the time there were not any great options available in Australia for tarps, and to this day there are only a handful of people willing to do custom gear with an outdoor focus.

terra rosa tarps

Evan makes everything himself in his Melbourne workshop. If it says Terra Rosa Gear on it, then he made it from start to finish (and that includes anything from designs to dropping it off at the post office). He uses all of his own products when he goes out on adventures, and uses all his experience in the wilderness to make the most high quality and effective piece of gear he can.

Growing up in British Columbia, being outside was a way of life. In his early 20s he started to get more serious with his outdoor pursuits while continuing to grow in his love of wild places.

What does Evan want you to know about Terra Rosa?

"One thing that folks may not know is that I love to see my gear getting used. It really makes my day when customers shoot me an email of tag me on Instagram or Facebook  while using Terra Rosa Gear.  I make the gear to be used and abused and it's fantastic to see the different places around the world that the gear gets to go."