Sunday Morning Shorts: Week 8

Short stories told by our ambassadors. Each week a different prompt! 
Grab some coffee - Grab a seat

When was a time you didn't think you could go any further? But did!

The only time I can remember truly feeling like I could not go any further was halfway up the headwall of King Ravine, on our way up Mt. Adams in New Hampshire. We had been hiking for 6 hours in 88 degree weather and I was getting my “lives-at-sea-level” behind handed to me. My husband told me I could not live on the mountain so I had to go up or down. I wasn’t about to climb back down that sucker so I scrambled my way to the top. Certainly the right decision, but I do wish I could live up there. –Maria

I spent a couple of summers raft guiding in Juneau Alaska, and in my free time I spent as much time whitewater kayaking as possible. Great runs are sometimes difficult to get to, and on one particular weekend myself and a couple of friends decided to attempt a section of a river that required a 7 mile hike in. Simply walking 7 miles is not particularly challenging, but doing so with a kayak and gear is significantly more difficult! It was a gorgeous day (which in SE Alaska means it only rained a little bit), but the trail was incredibly narrow and super steep at certain points. About two miles in I had to start convincing myself that it would be worth it and that my 50 pound kayak was the only way I could ever experience the true beauty of this remote and wild river. It took about 3 hours to hike in, but the view at the top, the glaciers surrounding us, and whitewater we paddled was perfect. It made me realize that there is a price to pay to see such beautiful places but it is always worth the price. – Will

Hiking the Appalachian Trail is incredibly mentally and physically challenging. There were countless moments during my thru-hike where I simply broke down and wanted to call it quits. The most crucial time was about 3-4 weeks into my hike when my knee started to hurt from the consistent wear of long miles, little rest, and repeated use. It got so bad that I was struggling to walk 50 yards without tearing up from the pain. It was my dream to hike the AT, and I thought I wasn't going to even make it a month. Being the stubborn person I am, I concluded that the only thing I could do was to keep pushing through the pain. The pain continued for a while, but eventually my legs got stronger and my knee stopped hurting. With in a couple of weeks I was crushing 25+ mile days and my knee was relatively pain free! – Erick