Sunday Morning Shorts: Week 6

Short stories told by our ambassadors. Each week a different prompt! 
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BigOutdoors Ambassadors

What is the worst weather you have encountered while on a trip?

In the 2011 Chicago race to Mackinac (3 day sailboat race from Chicago to Mackinac Island) we encountered the storm of all storms: Winds gusting at 90+ mph, thunder and lightning that was as loud, bright, and as frequent as fireworks, and rain like you've never seen. In efforts to get the jib down, I ran to the bow of the boat only to get engulfed by a wave that swept me off my feet, carrying me swiftly from bow to stern. Luckily I was tethered in, or I would have floated away. It was a horrifying, traumatic, and amazing experience. All I could do was hold on, hope for the best, and try not to cry. -Kelly



I was in the Inside Passage of Alaska, camping at a creepy abandoned resort, and I had an ear infection that prevented me from hearing anything out of my right ear. Myself and a group of 6 others were kayaking from Ketchikan to Juneau, and we had stopped for the day to explore some hot springs that at one point had been the purpose for building the now abandoned resort. My ear infection was giving me a crippling headache, so instead of heading out with my companions to explore, I decided to pitch a tent myself, read an Agatha Christie murder mystery, and generally take it easy. It was creepy enough being camped in an abandoned resort by myself, but when a storm rolled in and the winds started ripping though the old buildings, the noises that came out made me wish I was deaf in both ears! It was haunting, and the rain, lightening, and thunder that followed only made things worse. In my headachy and rushed state, I had only semi decently set up the tent upon arrival. I almost immediately started getting wet, which forced me to get more wet by leaving the tent to fix the guy lines. Returning to my tent sopping wet, headachy, and significantly more miserable that I was to start, was only slightly better than my companion's experiences of hiking 8 miles in a storm to get to a set of hot springs that was entirely too hot to use. -Lloyd

The worst weather I've encountered was on a kayaking trip in the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron. The Georgian Bay is an area that is a comprised of thousands of small islands, and its located in the Canadian Shield where there are expanses of flat rocks and no trees. One night on this two week trip we were camping on a fairly good sized island that had but one solitary tree. As the sun went down the winds started picking up and a pretty nasty storm started rolling in. Naturally we initially took coverage from the rain in our tents. As it began to start thundering and lightening I developed the incredible need to go to the bathroom. Leaving my tent felt like entering the apocalypse, but I was able to take a hurried poop, get back to the tent, and begin hoping that the thunder would spare our little metal framed tent. -Will