Roscoe Outdoor is based out of Red Lodge, Montana. Red Lodge sits on the eastern edge of the state's highest mountain range, the Beartooth Mountains, and is just northeast of Yellowstone National Park. The incredible outdoor environment provides many outdoor opportunities including hiking, rock-climbing, ice-climbing, mountaineering, and skiing - from the winter months on into July - makes this area special to us.

Hans Howell is the founder and owner of Roscoe Outdoor. He takes care of the day to day operations.

The idea to start producing a better pair of synthetic outdoor pants was kicked around for a while but the first "real" year in business where Roscoe pants were actually produced and sold occurred in 2012. We started with one style of pant in one color and have grown from there.


We focus largely on producing quick-dry, durable, pants and shorts. We offer unique features including a built-in, internal reflective calf cinch that enables the wearer to the keep the pant legs rolled up for climbing, hiking and biking, and we strive for simple but functional designs that are extremely comfortable. Not to mention that we use higher-quality synthetic fabrics for the given retail price points than most other manufacturers. A durable, comfortable, versatile pair of outdoor pants will never go out of style. 

While hiking and climbing on the Rocky Mountain Front near Choteau, MT I felt outdoor pants could be better in terms of durability, comfort, and multi-sport functionality. I got tired of beige colored, zip-off styled pants, out of thin, crinkly feeling synthetic material. They weren't comfortable and they didn't offer much value given their cost relative to their durability and performance. I am proud that we've produced several styles of pants and shorts that have offered a much better deal for the customer looking for a great, versatile pair of outdoor pants. I enjoy the random emails I get from happy customers who stumbled across a pair of our pants, purchased them, and have been getting a lot of use of out them since.