The Australian brushtail possum was originally introduced to New Zealand in 1837. Several more releases followed from 1840 – 1875 with the idea of establishing a fur trade. With no natural predators the possum settled into the New Zealand bush with enthusiasm, enjoying such a phenomenal population explosion that, 150 years on, the New Zealand Government now spends approximately 100 million dollars each year on the control of the 90 million possums who consume our forests at a rate of 22,000 tons every night. A remark made about putting the possums to good use graduated to the idea of spinning the luxurious fur into some kind of yarn. Once suggested, the concept would not go away and with help from the New Zealand Wool Board, ultimately led to the development of Possumdown yarn.

Each possum fur fibre is hollow! This means every single fibre has a pocket of air which is like a self insulating armor. Not only is Possumdown about the warmest knitwear fibre of it’s kind on the planet, it is also a great deal lighter and less bulky than merino. Although merino is known for it’s amazing waterproofing and wicking properties, the possum fur in Possumdown makes our garments even more waterproof than merino. Along with it superior technical features, Possumdown is also incredibly soft!