Peak to Plateau

Stefan Warnaar started Peak to Plateau after returning from a 3 month trip to Mongolia and Central Asia in August 2015. Discovering Yak wool from the Tibetan Plateau would make a great material to create baselayer clothing for skiing, hiking, mountaineering, and traveling, production began. Peak to Plateau uses yak wool because it is warmer, softer and more breathable than merino. Yaks have evolved to live at high altitude and temperatures down to -40C, so it is no surprise that their wool has such amazing properties.

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Peak to Plateau sources their yak fiber directly from co-operatives on the Tibetan Plateau. In doing so they can ensure that they receive a fair price so they can continue their way of life. Wearing Peak to Plateau means you are helping the yak herders they work with, because none of this would be possible without them. Tibetan herders are facing a tough choice — stay and keep their way of life, or leave everything behind for the city — Yak fiber is an opportunity that will keep them connected to the culture and way of life, but also provide a source of income and a connection to the world around them.

Stefan always wanted to start a company that was involved in the outdoor industry, and he has a strong interest in developing new industries of businesses that have yet to take off. He often saw things while traveling and thought "why don't we have this back in New Zealand?" When he discovered yak fiber, he instantly knew that this is something that he had to do. Peak to Plateau combines three things that Stefan loves - hiking, the outdoors, and working in the Himalayan region.


peak to plateau
peak to plateau