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Palisade Gear is a trekking pole company based out of the great state of Minnesota! Matt Folsom is the owner and founder of Palisade Gear, and the business is a family operation as everyone helps out with designing and testing their products (even their two year old son loves getting out and hiking)! They enjoy hiking, backpacking and canoeing as a family, and their favorite place to hike is along the shores of Lake Superior in Northern Minnesota.

Matt started researching their pole designs in March of 2016, and Palisade Gear launched their first trekking pole around June 1st of 2016. They spent a good amount of time testing and trying different configurations in order to insure the right balance between functionality and weight. The result is a ultralight and incredibly strong design. Palisade Gear began after looking at different trekking poles that were available and wanting to be able to bring together the features that they liked the most!

Aside from maybe your backpack, trekking poles can be one of the most important pieces of gear, and they can make a real difference in how enjoyable and successful your hike is. Palisade Gear wanted to be able to bring together an expedition quality pole, quality craftsmanship, and an affordable price point.


Palisade Gear is currently working on research and developing a trekking pole that will be built using 100 percent biological, plant based materials. Currently they are testing some pole designs that are lighter, stronger and provide better support than even their current 100% carbon fiber poles. This is something that is important for Palisade Gear as a company, and is going to drive their innovation in the future as they try to minimize their ecological impact. Palisade Gear is stoked to be working on this project, and are very excited with their initial tests. They are hoping to have it available in spring of 2017.

Matt really wants their customers to know that Palisade Gear stands behind their gear 100 percent, and that they are very proud of their commitment to quality. If you ever have an issue, concern, or suggestion, please feel free to let them know.  Please share your stories with them at #palisadegear on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or by email