Out Gear Rec (OGR) started making hammocks in July of 2015, and they officially launched in November of 2015. Based out of Boiling Springs PA, founder Nate Nieri lives just a couple of blocks from the Appalachian Trail.

Nate started OGR because of his passion to see people live actively outside. One day, while using a hammock he had purchased at a big name store, Nate realized they he felt seriously underwhelmed by its quality. He set out to make a high quality hammock that would make his mother proud, and the Singled Out Hammock slowly evolved from there. A big focus of OGR is to get people out hiking, and they organize backpacking trips throughout the year that anybody can attend. Obviously there are always a bunch of Singled Out Hammocks on these trips. What better way is there to live actively outdoors than a backpacking trip! 

Nate himself  grew up in Michigan and as a kid he was always outside doing something active. In his many outdoor adventures such as camping, canoeing, fishing remote places, mountain biking, and hiking he got the opportunity to use lots of recreational gear. It was in the backcountry of Northern Michigan where this passion for outdoor recreation grew. His educational background is in Biology, and he currently works in Cancer Research while building his dream for OGR. 


OGR Hammocks are made with only the highest quality materials, and each stitch is carefully placed to create a unique hammock of its own. The continuous am steel loops and square bottom stuff sack are very unique features not found on many hammocks. The price is the same if not lower price as the big name brands, and OGR (simply put) makes a better hammock! They are not massed produced in a factory in China, they are made in the USA by Nate.

They are ideal for backpacking, hiking, napping in the back yard, and everyday adventuring. 

Nate's long term goal for OGR is to build a outdoor gear brand that offers many types of gear. He hopes to use the funds generated from OGR to help struggling summer camps or help families in third world countries to receive cleaner drinking water. OGR is a company built on integrity and helping each other achieve out best.