Brewed Matchmaker: Matching Your Adventure with the Perfect Brew

Matching food with a drink has become an art form. Books, TV shows, and articles go into extensive depth to find the harmony between the food that fills our bellies and the drinks that wet your whistle. But, what if you could expand these pairings? What if you could pair you trip with a brew?  With this question percolating in my brain, I joined forces with my fellow beer enthusiast, Landen Rimestad, to tackle this question and pair your next adventure with the correct beverage.

1.  Summer Hiking Adventure

For some, the most anticipated trip of the year is your summer trek into your favorite mountains or foothills.  Wanting to bring your favorite brew is difficult when you have no way to keep it cool.  We recommend a lager, which is traditionally served at room temperature so you need not worry about a cool beer for this trip.

Perfect Brew: Lager/Pilsner
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Yuengling Lager

2. First Summit of the Year

Spring has barely just arrived, and the weather has warmed up enough to go summit the first mountain of the year. As you trudging through the melting snow, you will sure be working up a thirst. Once you reach the summit, we recommend you plop an IPA or Pale into the melting snow. The light crisp hoppy brew will quench your thirst, while have not having to go back down on a full stomach.

Perfect Brew: IPA/Pale
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed
Snake River Pako’s IPA

3. Winter Camping

Crawling out from your zero degree bag, you wake up in a winter wonderland. Blanketed by snow, you break our your snowshoes or skis to explore the new landscape. After hours of playing in the snow, you are going to want a heavy beer to fill you. This is why we recommend a stout. With hints of coffee or chocolate, you will want to grab one of them from the snow and crack it open

Perfect Brew: Stout
Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro
Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat
Sixpoint Diesel

4. Beach Day

Lawn chair, check. Beach towel, check. Frisbee, check.  Brews? Nothing beats a relaxing day by the water with friends and brews.  Whether you’ve scored a day on the lake or you have a spot on the beach, you’ll enjoy these suggestions of shandys and ciders.

Perfect Brew: Shandy/Cider
Leinenkugel Summer Shandy
Woodchuck Granny Smith Cider

5. Alpine Expedition

You are doing an epic traverse across a ridge. With insane changes in elevation and beautiful views, you need a beer that is as epic as your expedition. So while you are in your bivy, the brew for you is a Scotch Ale. Not only does this beer have bold flavor, but it also has some kick to it. So you will only pack a few in your pack and save weight.

Perfect Brew: Scotch Ale
Founder’s Dirty Bastard
Oskar Blues Old Chub

6. Fall Paddle Trip

The leaves are changing are changing, the air is getting cooler, and the river is slowing down. The perfect formula for you to sneak in one more relaxing paddle trip, before winter takes over. And with the changing of the seasons, you will want to shift from those light beers to something a little darker. So as you dip your paddle into the river, you can crack open an amber or red ale to create a harmonious combination.

Perfect Brew: Amber/Red
Fat Tire Amber Ale
Tocobaga Red Ale

7. Cabin Retreat

Trying to escape from the stress in cities, a weekend at a cabin can relieve you mind. Relaxing around a fire pit with some friends and family will wash away all your stress. With such relaxation deserve a solid beer to match the mood. A brown ale can fit that need. Whether you are looking for a sweeter brew or a nutty brew, the brown ale can meet everyone’s taste.

Perfect Brew: Brown
Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown
Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron


Now that you have made your perfect match, we do want you to remind you that alcohol should not take priority over of the trip. Enjoy nature for the beauty it possess, and do not substitute vital gear for alcohol. Please drink responsibility and pack out what you pack in.  

Written by Alex Perronne: Alex hails from Cleveland Wisconsin and enjoys nothing more than going paddling or climbing! Alex's favorite place on earth is the Wolf River, and he can currently be found at the University of Lacrosse eating his fair share of burritos.