Palisade Gear: Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole Review

I figured I would test the Carbon Fiber Sawtooth Trekking Pole at Mt. Rainier National Park. It was a perfect day for testing that called for a rain and snow mix with high winds. 

I was immediately impressed with their weight. Palisade Gear reports these poles in at 7.7oz per pole, making them exceptionally light. While i'm always skeptical when products claim to be 100% carbon fiber (I have seen other companies advertise just the word carbon, when the trekking pole is a carbon alloy instead of true carbon fiber), these bad boys are the real deal. 

The mechanism Palisade Gear went with is a flip lock. Easy to flip open, slide the pole out, and flip back to lock. Couldn't be any easier. After a few adjustments from the factory preset they were easily adjusted to the correct height and easily locked. I put my entire weight on the two and held myself up with them. That's a good sign I would say!  The poles do slide all the way apart which makes them shorter for storage space if needed, and they slide back together nicely as well. 

The grips are a lot like most trekking poles. Very soft foam material. Very comfortable. I do like how Palisade Gear has a little bit longer grip area than other trekking poles I have used. I ran around with these poles for about 8 miles up at Mt. Rainier and my hands were blister free and not tired or sore. I wish the handles were a little more unique like the rest of the pole, but it does the job.

While the mud/snow baskets did become a little loose after a couple miles ( I had to stop and retighten them) the rubber feet that come with are fantastic. They absolutely grip to everything, and the pole did not slip once that I recall. I was in love as soon as I noticed that everywhere I landed my trekking pole, it stuck there until my next step. 

My biggest concern is of course: will the poles ever collapse mid use? I am 6 ft. 4in tall and about 180lbs, and after a great deal of testing, these carbon fiber poles won't slip or collapse. All my weight didn't cause their height to change, and after miles of tough use, they were at the same height I set when I started. Long story short, good luck even trying to get these to collapse when walking around. These are as stable as a rock. 

Overall these are a great pair of trekking poles. Cool design, true carbon fiber shaft, lightweight, and comfortable. Not to mention the price tag comes in quite a bit cheaper than most brands that claim the same features.

Written by Hayden Messer: Raised in the PNW, Hayden is an avid outdoorsman who spends a majority of his time hiking, as well as guiding day hikes and overnight trips. Hayden also enjoys crafting his own fly rods, and he loves some slow smoked bear ribs and a good IPA!

Instagram: @treelinehikingco


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