Adventure Mamas

Being a badass adventure woman doesn't have to end with motherhood! At Adventure Mamas Initiative, they work to redefine motherhood.

In February of 2016, life long friends Justine and Stephanie both voiced the difficulty of intertwining ones identity as both a mom and an outdoorswoman. While both understood that having a baby changes many aspects of life, neither wanted to loose their outdoorsy lifestyles and the experiences and culture that they love. Thats why they started Adventure Mamas. 

Adventure Mamas Initiative, or AMI, is an non profit dedicated to empowering moms toward outdoor adventures! With a focus on women's health, self care, community building, and maintaining an "epic lifestyle," the 10 AMI regional collabs meet up to climb, hike, SUP, bike, ski, and generally get outside as much as possible! These collabs encourage collaboration instead of competition, and exist for women and mothers to uplift and support one another. The spirit of Adventure Mamas is personified in their core values of authenticity, community, challenge, adventure, self care, and laughter. 

In their own words:


The transition into parenthood is a huge life shift, inevitably and undeniably. For the new mother though, the experiences of pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum recovery can be mind-blowing. There are physical, emotional, and chemical changes that take place simultaneously. It’s a very vulnerable time and our society doesn’t always depict the experience honestly.

It’s not a coincidence that many outdoor-women seem more hesitant to start a family. In some ways, it feels like you have to choose between adventure and family. Maybe it’s mommy-guilt or societal expectations or time-constraints… regardless, the result is women quietly suffer through pervasive post-partum struggles including anxiety, depression, resentment, loneliness, complacency, and more.

Motherhood doesn’t have to fit into a prescribed box; women need to feel empowered to live an intentional life that is fulfilling, balanced, and joyful. The women in our community especially need to know that while adventure does look different after kids… different time constraints, emotional constraints, physical constraints, it’s still entirely possible. You can have the camaraderie, challenge, and efficacy that adventure brings and still balance the beautiful demands of motherhood.


Starting in 2017, Adventure Mamas Initiative will be organizing both single day adventure workshops and longer expedition style trips. Here at Big Outdoors, we are thrilled to be teaming up with Adventure Mamas to offer discount to their members, swag for their events, and platform from which to help spread the the news about their amazing organization!

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