6 Outdoor Photographers You Haven’t Followed on Instagram Yet

A picture is worth a thousand words, which makes Instagram the largest collective of words on the web. Instagram serves as a venue to allow people to show others the food you are eating, your family, or the epic adventures you have been on. With roughly 400 million users, you can spend the rest of your life trying to find those photographers whose photos you will fall in love with. Luckily, we did the work for you. These are 6 of the outdoor photographers you should hit follow for.

1. Ryan Stephens - @ryanstephensphoto

Website - www.ryanstephensphoto.net

If you have roamed the Big Outdoors website, you will probably notice the awesome pictures at every click. Well, those photos are courtesy of our co-founder Ryan Stephens. Based in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Ryan takes his love of the outdoors and uses photography and film to express it all over the world. With his photos have changed the way people look at organizations such as Northern Michigan University and Camp Manito-wish and film collaborations “The Michigan Ice Film” and "Cold Rolled", Ryan definitely deserves your follow.

2. Tony Murray - @tonymurrayphoto

Website - http://www.tonymurray.com/

Originally from Colorado, Tony Murray is now exploring the world. Using photography to capture his memories, Tony does just limit himself to stunning landscapes. With collections titled as Human Interaction and World Faces, he captures the beauty of the world, along with the people that occupy it. So if you want more gorgeous photos from cities to open prairies, give Tony Murray a look.

3. Renee Hahnel - @reneehahnel

Website - http://www.reneehahnel.com/

This Aussie is roaming around the United States and filling Instagram with her travels. Renee’s photo provide a refreshing and playful look at the outdoors. Her and her classic wide brimmed hats have travelled to the top of mountains and down to the ocean shore. If you want to see where Renee travels take her to next, hit the follow button on her profile.


4. David Swindler - @actionphototours

Website - http://www.picturethejourney.com/

When people go to college, some of them end up not using the major they got. David Swindler is a prime example. Receiving a major in chemical engineering, David left the industry to pursue his love for photography. Based out of Kanab, Utah, he now guides people to help them develop their own photography skills. So until you meet him on tour, follow him to keep up with his stunning pictures.


5. Rach Stewart - @rach_stewart_nz

Website - http://www.rsnzphotography.com/

Roaming through New Zealand, Rach Stewart is documenting all the nature beauty the island is know for. From breathtaking landscapes to passing wildlife, her Instagram has it all. If the these photos don’t make you want to hope on the first flight to New Zealand, you may want to see a doctor. So stop on by Rach’s profile and throw her some likes.


6. Grant Sachs - @grantsachsventure

Website - http://www.grantsachsphoto.com/

With a life motto of live it up, Grant Sachs is powered by making the most that life has to offer. Currently returning from a semester of adventures in Australia and New Zealand, Grant lets his photos speak for themselves. Loaded with jaw dropping photos, his profile will make you question why you haven’t stumbled upon it sooner.


Were you following any of the profiles we mentioned? Is there someone you think we should have added to our list? Let us know below in the comments to let us know!