5 Hammock Companies You Need to Check Out

Hammocks are taking the world by storm. While traditionally viewed as a luxury item suitable for napping and reading a good book, hammocks have become a fixture for the outdoor person. People are increasingly leaving their tents at home and opting for sleeping in a suspended cocoon. With this high demand, countless hammock companies have flooded the market making picking one near impossible. This article will help you learn a little bit more about five great companies you might not have heard of until now.

1.     Warbonnet Outdoors

Having started out of a one-car garage, Warbonnet Outdoors is on the rise in the hammock market. With its large selection of hammocks, tarps, underquilts, bug nets, and suspension systems, every type of hammocker can find their perfect fit. Think you are too tall for a hammock? Warbonnet offers hammocks up to 11 feet long. Warbonnet Outdoors takes pride in being made in America and pride in their products. This Colorado based company serves as a great first buy, and you can always purchase components to add on as needed.

Website -  https://www.warbonnetoutdoors.com/

2.     Moonbeam Hammocks

Who said hammocks can’t look good? Well, Moonbeam is bringing some pizzazz to the hammock market. Inspired by the endless spectrum of colors from the founder’s adventures, their products represents this clearly. Hand dyed material allows buyers to select from 17 various color blends and pick the best fit for them. Not only does this Maine company make hammocks, but they plant two trees with each purchase through trees.org to help create sustainable agriculture throughout Africa.

Website -  http://moonbeamhammocks.com/

3.     Arrowhead Equipment

Do you appreciate items that have been handmade? We have a hammock for you then. Based out of the founder’s house in Idaho, Arrowhead Equipment defines the cottage industry. With no warehouse, these hammocks are shipped from their home to yours. While it may take a bit longer to get your hammock, you are allowed a wider selection of colors and a high quality product. Along with handmade hammocks, Arrowhead Equipments host “hangs” in their local community to get people together and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

Website -  http://www.arrowhead-equipment.com/

4.     MadTree

Based out of Finland, MadTree is looking to change the way you view traditional hammocks. Unlike the stereotypical two point suspension everyone is accustomed to, their hammocks feature a revolutionary three point suspension that changes the game. While it requires you one extra minute of setup, this eliminates the dreaded cocoon effect (the sides of the hammock closing in on you) when relaxing in your hammock. Combine this with its weight of roughly 0.5 lbs, this hammock is perfect for backpackers and ultra-lite fanatics. MadTree currently has a rain tarp and two hammocks available, a standard model, Core, and a 32 degree hammock sleeping bag version, Tarseer.   

Website - http://www.madtree.fi/

5.     Tentsile

Ok, this one may be pushing the boundaries of what a hammock is, but if a tent and a hammock were combined, Tentsile has made it. Inspired by the Ewok village from Star Wars, this London company wants to give you a unique camping experience. With a requirement of three anchor points, this “hammock” lets you camp in a floating tent. Due to its unique design, it allow you to have two other friends join you, without sacrificing the feel of sleeping in a hammock. Tentsile also plants three trees, with each purchase, through http://www.weforest.org/ to help combat global warming.

Website - http://www.tentsile.com/

Written by Alex Perronne: Alex hails from Cleveland Wisconsin and enjoys nothing more than going paddling or climbing! Alex's favorite place on earth is the Wolf River, and he can currently be found at the University of Lacrosse eating his fair share of burritos.   perronne.alex@uwlax.edu