Back in 2006, ioMerino was founded by current owner David Michell who’s a fifth generation wool man and the director of Michell Wool today. He’s also a keen runner, cyclist and skier. In 2006, we had a completely different team to what we are today. When the new team came on board around 3 years ago, we revamped a lot of things like, for example, taking our products out of bricks and mortar stores and selling completely online. ioHQ is in Adelaide, South Australia.

David’s love of adventure combined with own personal need for a premium Merino thermal base layer eventually led him to founding ioMerino. After trying many Merino and outdoor brands, David just wasn’t happy with the feel and performance of available fabrics and knew he could do a better job with the resources he had in place. Today, ioMerino offers a range of ‘MicroMerino®’ fabrics that are basically our very own ‘recipe’. Anyone can purchase off the shelf Merino fabrics and turn them into clothes, but David was passionate about making nothing but the best of the best. We use nothing but the finest Australian wool and follow each step of the supply chain extremely closely to ensure our garments are 100% in each and every way.


For starters, ioMerino is made from Australian Wool which is recognized as the best in the world. While Australia isn’t the only country that has sheep, it’s easily the biggest producer of wool for apparel anywhere on Earth. Back in 2010, the price of wool actually doubled, which meant a lot of other companies started using lower quality wool and blending with cheaper man-made stuff to save money. Those companies were more worried about profit than quality.

Here at ioMerino, when the wool prices went up, there was no way we were going to lower our quality, so instead we focused on strengthening our online community and working with only boutique, independent retailers. So today, most of our garments are made with either 100% superfine Australian Merino Wool or 96% superfine Merino Wool and we also add 4% Elastane to some of our base layer garments for more stretch, flexibility and a true thermal, contact fit.

It’s also worth mentioning we’re extremely passionate about making sure we do the right thing by the environment from ‘sheep to shelf’. Whether it’s the Aussie farms we source our Merino Wool from, our friends in Fiji who help make our garments, or the environment (unlike stinky synthetics, Merino, being a natural fibre, won’t harm the planet for millions of years to come). You can read a little more around our ethics here if you’re interested: