Hillsound is a Canadian company based out of Vancouver British Columbia. They are most known for their traction devices, and they have created incredibly high quality crampons for a wide variety of climates and outdoor activities. In 2012 they started creating gaiters, and named them after the exceptionally tough and resilient armadillo!

A Message from CS Kang (CEO of Hillsound)

“Hillsound Equipment was founded with a very special vision and ambition. Having always enjoyed time spent in the mountains, I was inspired and forever changed when I moved to beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I was driven to open up a retail store dedicated to fellow outdoor lovers like myself. While opening and running the store, I explored as much of the natural landscapes that Canada’s Western-most province has to offer. Through personal product testing and interaction with Vancouver’s active outdoor community, I soon came to realize there was still so much gear that could be developed to better fit the B.C. outdoor enthusiasts’ needs.

My goals became larger than just being able to provide the gear that was already available on the market for Vancouverites. New products designed specifically for the the damp and often slippery slopes of the Coast Mountain range were needed for hikers and trail runners. This is when Hillsound’s Trail Crampon came in to being. From initial success in local markets, the Trail Crampon’s popularity spread around the globe as adventurers realized the benefit of an easy-to-use traction device like Hillsound’s.

Since then, Hillsound Equipment has strived to create gear that was safe, trustworthy and comfortable for our fellow outdoor enthusiasts. With an appreciation for British Columbia’s outdoor playground and an awareness of the environmental beauty of our home, we will continue to serve the needs of outdoor lovers all around the world.”