Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you have all your products in stock?

We buy most of our products upfront from the companies we feature. We warehouse all our inventory, and ship it to you directly. This means quick shipping time (we ship the order that day or the next) and it means no long waits/backorders for products to be created. By handling the inventory ourselves, we are able to inspect it for defects, and make the shopping experience as simple as possible. 

Why are some products exempt from discount?

Some of the products we feature come from "Cottage Industry" vendors. These vendors are very small operations that primarily make gear and apparel in very small quantities. They are often hand-made and created when ordered, and while there is a high demand, the supply is low. Because of the love, tenderness, and handcrafted time put into making these products, they cost more to produce. 

My "welcome" promo code isn't working! Whats up?

During major sales, many promo codes are disabled. During these times we are already offering SUPER LOW PRICING, and because we are already giving you our best, we can't offer up even more!

Do you ship internationally?

If you are looking to place an order and live outside the USA, contact Lloyd via email at