CloudLine was founded by Joe and Austin, who first met in 2014. Because of their mutual love for the outdoors, especially hiking, a bromance quickly formed. Joe and Austin soon realized that they also had a common desire to never again “work for the man”. Over the course of a few hikes in the Cascade Mountains, east of Seattle, they began brainstorming business ideas. A few things rose to the top in being crucial in whatever endeavor they started: they wanted to focus on products ethically sourced and manufactured in the US, they wanted to create products that people would absolutely love to use, and they wanted to do something related to their passions. It quickly became obvious that hiking socks fit all of these criteria perfectly, and the rest, as they say, is history!

The most comfortable, yet durable, hiking socks around. CloudLine spins their own socks with ultra-fine merino wool which is sourced from South America. The wool is then spun into socks in Alabama, USA. They focus on clean, classic designs and vibrant colors. CloudLine’s premium merino wool hiking socks will ruin “those regular hiking socks” for you. Even better, they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.