Think Bigger- Think Outside the "Big Box"

Big Outdoors

Big Outdoor is an online retailer of outdoor gear and apparel from companies you won't find at the “big box” stores. Launched in the summer of 2016, Big Outdoors connects outdoor enthusiasts and professionals with high quality products that are ready for any adventure you have in mind. While lots of incredible smaller companies exist, their products can be difficult to find.

Big Outdoors serves as retail space to highlight a curated collection of these products, and Big Outdoors acts as a forum from which to tell the stories that set these companies apart. Instead of wading through thousands of options in your search for the perfect gear or apparel item, Big Outdoors hand picks the best of the best, simplifying the shopping experience by showcasing only the highest quality products.

Big Outdoors unique shopping experience is centered around the idea that your gear and clothing should function, fit, and fashion as a cohesive unit. Big Outdoors products perform together, fit together, and look great together!

Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Big Outdoors is a small business that supports the small outdoor companies that drive innovation with in the outdoor industry. We look forward to becoming your source of quality outdoor gear and apparel!

Big Outdoors Founders:


Lloyd Vogel


Born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Lloyd is an avid kayaker and backpacker who enjoys music, playing frisbee, and eating disproportionately large meals. Lloyd was motivated to start Big Outdoors while roaming around at a craft show in San Francisco. After admiring a number of cool unique items available for purchase (and realizing he knows nothing about crafts) he had an epiphany! Why not open a store that features the unique outdoor products that he likes (and actually knows something about)? Hence the creation of Big Outdoors.


Ryan Stephens


Ryan Stephens is a photographer and filmmaker based in Marquette, Michigan. An outdoor enthusiast, he specializes in shooting action sports, landscapes, and adventure photography. He is a member of Clear & Cold Cinema, a collaborative filmmaking group in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, responsible for the pioneer snow bike film "Cold Rolled" released winter 2014, and "The Michigan Ice Film", which  released in February 2016. His work has appeared in marketing campaigns and publications such as Camping Magazine, Outside, and Northern Michigan University. Follow Ryan on Instagram @ryanstephensphoto and check out his website: